Your chest heaved in and out. Running towards the Glade. Sweat soaked your shirt, and trickled down the sides of your face. Strands of hair stuck to the streaks of sweat down your neck. Your legs burned as they ran. A cramp swelled, but you kept going.

Eventually, you turned the long corridor that led to the beautiful, green Glade. Sprinting you heard Minho's footsteps behind you. He was getting closer. The stone walls were a blur of gray. Then, he was by your side, sprinting down the long corridor with you. You speed up just enough to get a few feet ahead of him and leap into the Glade.

You fall on the floor, taking in as much oxygen as possible. You see Minho standing next to you, hands on his knees. His chest heaving in and out.

"I...won," you say in between huge breaths. Minho falls onto his knees, kneeling next to you.

"I could beat you... any other... day of the week," he says, breathing heavily.

"Sure," you say sarcastically, with a quick exhale of breath. Moments of silence pass by, until Thomas comes running up.

"Are you guys okay?" he says.

"Water," you say, your voice a bit scratchy. Your breath slowly starts to steady. Thomas calls for Alby.

"Why are you guys back so early?" Thomas asks.

"Hold on," you say. "Wait till Alby comes." A minute later, Alby approaches.

"You guys look like klunk," he says. "What happened?"

"Water first," Minho says, his cheeks still glowing red, with heat.

"Tell-" Alby starts.

"Water!" Minho yells.

"Ain't no one except him can tell me what to do," Alby says to Thomas. Then, he walks off, towards the Homestead.

"Well, did you find anything?" Thomas asks.

"Hold on, shank," Minho retorts. "I don't like repeating myself." A few minutes later, Alby comes back with two glorious bottles of water. Alby hands you a bottle, you drink most of it within a matter of seconds.

"So, what happened?" Alby asks. Minho drinks his water, making Alby wait. As Minho finishes the bottle, you speak.

"We found a dead Griever."

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