"A dead Griever?" Alby asks in awe.

"What's the big deal about a dead Griever?" Thomas asks.

"No one's ever seen a dead Griever, yet to even kill one," Alby says.

"We're thinking about going to see it, we wanted to tell you first," Minho says, motioning towards the maze.

"Tomorrow," Alby adds. "It's too late in the day."

"That's the smartest shucking thing you've said all day," Minho says, getting up onto his feet.

"You guys go wash up. You're free for the day."

The shower was the best. You had the whole bathroom to yourself- since your the only girl. It just felt so nice to be clean again. The boys had given you a new outfit- one of the smallest ones they could find. The pants were a bit baggy, but the shirt fit pretty well. Your wet hair was drooped over your shoulder. You decided to leave it down and let the sun dry most of it.

Walking outside the smell of sweat hung in the air. The air was hot and sticky. You walk along the edge of the forest. A few minutes later, you stop and sit down, leaning against the trunk of a tree, watching the Gladers fulfill the jobs of the Glade. Eventually, the silence of the forest gently pushes you to sleep.

Your dreaming. You look about ten or so. Your on a train, kids lining the sides. There are guards at the start and end of the train, all of them on their feet. Patrolling the aisle of the train car. To the left you, is a boy, seven or eight- maybe. And to the right is a girl, ten or eleven.

All the children sit in silence. Fear taking most of their faces. Outside the window is blurs of colors, from green to orange. Eventually they disappear, turning into the dull shades of black and gray.

Then, the train stops and doors slide open. A guard tells everybody to exit the train. Most of the children stand up, moving towards the open doors. You slowly move closer to the door. Then, you step out, looking up you see six big, white letters painted onto a gray wall. W.I.C.K.E.D.

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