You wake up to the yells of Chuck. You can see him in the distance, running to you. He yells your name over and over till he reaches you.

"Gwen," he starts, out of breath. "It's Ben. He's alive."

"What?" you yell. "How?"

"I don't know. The Med-jacks saw him moving and found out he was awake. They patched him up and put him in the slammer. He's going to get Banished tonight," Chuck said, smiling. He seemed excited. It was a little creepy.

"Chuck, why are you so happy?" you ask.

"Well, I've only heard about Banishments before. I've never actually seen one." After that the boy runs off to tell others about the mysterious resurrection of Ben and what was to go down tonight. You walk away from the forest and into the daylight. Walking across the Glade you spot Newt.

"Newt!" you call out. He stops shoveling and turns to look at you.

"Hey," he says.

"Hey, have you heard?" you ask.

"Yeah," he says, quietly.


"I don't know."

"Can I see him?" you ask. Newt drops the shovel and walks towards the slammer. Once there, silence settles over the slammer. You move towards the barred window. Your face only a foot away, when a face suddenly appears. You jump back. You look up to see Ben's face.

Ben's hands are wrapped around the bars of the small window. His mouth thrashing, his yellow teeth clacking, as if he's trying to bite you. His face is lit up with purple veins, his hands covered in green veins.

"He'll be banished at sunset," Newt says. He then, turns and walks away. You follow him, but giving Ben one last glance. How could something like this overtake him so quickly? Turn him into something unhuman.

You face back towards the bright and sunny Glade. You look down at your watch- given to you when you became a Runner about five months ago. 2:33. Only a three hours until Ben is Banished.

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