After the doors closed, silence settled over the Glade. No one dared to speak. Twilight had begun to set in, making the Glade a dark shadow, the only color being the sky that hung above you. But even that started to fade.

Eventually, someone had the guts to step away, Alby. After he walked away, people started to slip away from the crowd. Then, there were only few left standing by the door that had kept Ben from the Glade.

You walk away. These past two day's had been nothing, but surprise after surprise. And it was tiring to keep on a happy face. So, you let it drift away from you.

A tear rolls down your cheek. Even though, you didn't know who Ben was, it was still traumatizing to see someone plead, to see someone be so torn up. It was sad to think about, but it had to be done. Ben was a danger to the Glade.

That night you had eaten dinner with Minho and Frypan. You didn't know if that was the right term. They were sitting by you, but you didn't speak. No one spoke. The dinner was just as quiet as standing by the doors was. Newt and Alby had eaten dinner somewhere else. And by how they acted, it seemed they ate separately.

After dinner came the full on night. The bright moon shining its light on the dark, grim Glade. As if trying to give hope to the hopeless. The stars dotted the sky, too many to count.

With the moon lighting your path you found your way to the Homestead. Walking to your room, you comb your fingers through your almost-dry hair. You enter your room and lay down in the same position as the night before- your elbow propping up your head. Closing your eyes, you try to clear your mind from any screams or thoughts. It took a while, but eventually you let the world of dreams take you.

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