You're nine or so. You don't know how you know, you just know. You're in a dark room, sitting against a wall. The room is pitch black, you can't see anything around you- not even silhouettes.

The air is cool and dusty. You're curled up in a ball, your thigh's pushing against your chest. Your cheeks are wet with tears. Your breaths are shaky as they come out.

You hear breathing, but it's not just your breathing. Someone else is in the room with you. Your dream self reaches out touching a shoulder. A small shoulder, the other person is a child. The child scooches backward, putting their back against your legs.

Something furry moves touches you around your hip. Reaching downward, your hand collides with a furry back, a dog. The dog's breathing is even and steady.

A hard knock, comes from a far door. Silence. A voice speaks. And even though it is muffled, you can still make out what they're saying.

"Open up!" a rough voice yells. Nothing. Silence. A bang rattles a door, that seems far away. Another bang rings through the air. Two more bangs are followed by a loud thud. A door has fallen down, but not in the dark, musty room that you're sitting in.

"Where are the children?" the same man yells. Gunshots go off. A loud thud signals, that someone has fallen. Who? You hear coughing. Several loud thumps. Then, another gun shot.

Nine-year-old you scoots over and holds the kid, you move your legs where they sit next to you. Both of you are trembling at what was to happen next. The dog rests its chin on your thy. You hold your breath.

"Check the room! They're somewhere, find them!" the same rough voice. Only seconds pass before, a rattle of a door handle sounds in front of you.

"It's locked," a woman says, her voice a bit raspy. Something hits the door handle, then another hit. You can hear the door handle getting weaker. You squeeze the child tighter. With the next hit, comes a pop of the door handle. It's broken.

The door swings open. White light comes flooding into the room. The light blinds you. You squeeze your eyes shut, but the light shines through your eyelids. You slowly start to open your eyes. Eventually, your eyes adjust and reveal your surroundings.

Your in a small closet. A shelf hangs above your head. In front of you stands three people- dressed in protective gear- a woman and two men. They look at you in an intimidating way.

"It's time to go," the woman says.

You wake up.

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