The list was getting bigger. The list of why you couldn't fall asleep. The list of thoughts that were keeping you awake. Before it was the thoughts of your dreams and what they could mean. Now, it's images of Ben, from his dead body in the forest to his Banishment.

Every time you tried to sleep the images invaded your mind. It was impossible. Sleep had never seemed so far away. So, instead you laid there with your eyes wide open, trying to decipher the mysterious dreams.

Who was trying to take me? Or was I already taken and the people were trying to save me? Was that my home? Too many questions, not enough answers. You really wanted to fall asleep and see if another dream would come and explain everything.

A half an hour before the doors opened you got up and walked around, talked to Alby and Fry. Now, you were just waiting. Waiting for breakfast to come. Waiting for breakfast was like waiting for the sun to rise, it seemed to take forever. You wanted to do something, but there was nothing. The doors didn't open for a while and the day's jobs hadn't started yet. All you could do was wait, and wait some more.

Eventually, breakfast came and you ate it up like you hadn't eaten in days.

"Wow," Minho said watching you finish the last of your toast, his jaw slightly dropped from surprise. You hungry since you hadn't eaten much dinner last night, you just poked at it.

"What?" you ask through a mouthful of toast.

"You ate that really fast," he says, staring at the empty plate in front of you.

"Yeah," you say plainly. "I was hungry."

"Just try not to puke when we get out there," he adds before he turns back to his plate.

"I think I can keep it down."

"If you think so," he retorts. You roll your eyes.

You and Minho stretched, loosening your joints and getting ready for the day ahead of you. The doors had opened, and now you were just waiting for Alby. Today, you were going to see the dead Griever again. Examine it, Alby was thinking of taking a few of it's mechanical parts back to the Glade. Maybe find out more about the Grievers through it's machinery.

"You ready, shank?" Minho says, snapping you out of your thoughts. At first you thought he was talking to you, then you realize Alby approaching. You had leaned up against the wall after stretching.

"As ready as I'll ever be," Alby says. "You guys better not be lying."

"Why would we lie about a shuck Griever?" Minho said. You push off the wall and stand in front of the West door. With Alby and Minho standing next to you.

You sprint into the maze.

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