You walk to the edge of the forest. And finally you step into the sun. The sun’s rays heating the air around you.

“Where is your leader?” you ask, stopping and turning to face Newt.

“What, Alby?”

“Yeah, where is he?”

“He said he was going to be in the kitchen. Why?” he says pulling his arm out of my hand.

“‘Cause I need to talk to him.”

“About what?”

“You’ll see when we get to him,” you answer. "Now, show me where the kitchen is.” He walks around you and starts toward a lean building in the Northwest corner of the Glade.

As you approach the lean, double story building, you notice that most of the windows are broken or are smashed out completely.

“He should be in here,” Newt says turning the doorknob. He opens the door and stands on the side, holding the door open. “Ladies first.” He smiles. You walk in as you roll your eyes and smile.

The air is warm and dusty. The building is as worn down from the outside as it is on the inside. The wallpaper is peeling. The stairs look unstable and some of the floorboards have holes in them. Newt leads you up the stairs and through a door down the hall.

"Alby," Newt yells as he walks in. The kitchen looks like it's in a better state than the entry.

"Yeah," he responds. The voice comes from a dark-skinned boy, he's is turned the other way.

"She needs to talk to you," Newt says.

"She?" Alby turns. Once he see's me a look of surprise washes over his face. "Your the one that came through the doors at the last second."

"Yes, and we need to talk," you say.

"Why would we talk when you could be workin' for the Creators," he says.

"If I was then I wouldn't of come into the Glade by sprinting a maze," you argue back. "Just give me ten minutes."

"...Fine," he says. "Follow me." He exits the kitchen, Newt and you follow him into the open Glade.

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