"We've called this Gathering, to update all Gladers," Alby announces. "You all know that a girl came through the door around sunset. What you don't know is where she came from and that is why we are here." He nods towards you, signaling for you to start explaining.

"Well, I came from the Glade." The room erupts into questions and whispers. Alby scolds them to be quiet. "My Glade is full of girls. All of our memories wiped when we came up, just like yours. We don't know who does the memory-wiping. We just call them the Creators. I came up about six months ago, memory-wiped. We get a newbie each month. Our most recent newbie came up today, Rachel."

"How can we trust her?" A boy with black hair yells, standing up.

"Sit down, Gally," Newt says.

"This girl comes out of nowhere and claims there's another Glade without any proof. How can we trust her? She could be working with the Creators."

"Shut it, Gally," Alby yells. Gally sits in his chair, scowling. His eyes glare at you with mistrust. Alby signals for you to start again.

"In my Glade we have jobs and rules. I'm a Runner. I run the Maze each day trying to find a way out. Today, I ran into a Griever. It chased me until I got here."

A few seconds of silence pass before the room breaks in whispers. Eventually, they stop.

"Now, we'll go around and say what's on our minds," Alby announces, looking at Gally in a jokingly way. Gally stands up, knocking his chair backwards.


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