He is walking through the tunnel. He doesn’t want to take the main way today, not after what those kids did to him in school today. He feels his bruises. He walks on. The train nearby comes to a sudden halt. He walks on. People scream. He walks on. He looks forward and sees people outside of the tunnel. He walks on. “Wait! Are those people...” a look of horror appears on his face. “Melting.” He sees a dark haired boy run past him holding the hand of a blonde girl. He runs through the tunnel but keeps himself far away enough not to be seen by the two. The two walk in to a room in the tunnel. What are they doing? They’re going the wrong way. He runs. He reaches a large building and runs to the top to see what is happening. He sees water. Water rising. He sees people drowning. He notices the two people from before running up the Lincoln building with 6 others. He hears screams and covers his eyes, afraid of what he might see. He waits. And waits. And waits. And waits for somebody to rescue him. Rescue the people. Nobody came that day. Nobody came for months.

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