He ran towards his attackers, slashing through the waist of the male assailant. He yelled. “You son of a.” He slashed through the crazed man’s jaw and then elbowed his accomplice in the stomach. He had a moment to take in the appearance of the two. The man had black hair and his arm didn’t seem to stop shaking, as if he was having an eternal seizure. His friend had a faded shade of dyed red hair. The woman charged towards him, a distant look in her eyes. Not soon later, the other charged into the fight as well. He fell. They clambered onto him. He could feel adrenaline rushing through his body. He couldn’t die here to them. Ina last ditched attempt at freedom he sent a flurry of rage filled punches at the the people, knocking them off of him. The woman ran towards him but he pulled her friend in-front of him, using him as a human shield. She skidded to a halt but it was too late. “ROSEY! NO! ROSEY!” shouted her friend but it was in vain, as by the time he had stopped shouting, there was a splutter of blood, hitting the desert floor. He looked, and to his horror, the man was now without a nose. As the man wheezed, his former friend ran and ,with utter fury in each movement, the nose-less man ran after her. with one last chilling glare towards his original victim, he shouted one thing over and over. “ROSEY TOOK MY NOSE, THAT BLOWS I SUPPOSE”. As they ran, he fell to the floor in exhaustion and dream took him hostage.

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