He awoke from his dream, a blank look in his eyes. He didn’t want to remember the rest. He went through with the same routine as yesterday. The same routine as everyday. He scavenged the scorched wastelands as he did everyday. He searched and searched. Yet again, nothing. “This is useless” he muttered to himself.”even if I can find food, what’s the point if I don’t live. Just survive.” He heard wailing in the distance but ignored them as he did everyday. He looked towards the sun his vision blurred. He searched more still. He looked towards a nearby city, wondering if the risk was worth it. Wondering if he could enter the city. It had been years since the flares yet the world was still just as dangerous. He decided to walk back to his shelter again.

He walked and walked towards the beat up wreck of brick and metal scraps that he normally retreated to. He heard another wail. “That’s strange” he said, barely managing to get the words out since he hadn’t had a single drop of water in 3 days. The wails were getting louder. He took little notice. Louder again. Still not much notice. Louder again. He didn’t care. He felt the force of two people hit him. He rushed backwards, pulling a knife out of his back pack. A man and a woman. Past the gone, as people said. He braced himself for a fight that he would likely lose. Now he noticed.

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