• I live in Hogwarts, Panem,Glade, Illea, Camp half blood
  • Bio I love the maze runners, Harry Potter, Marvel, hunger games, divergent, Percy Jackson, The Selection, The land of Stories, Unwanteds, and the Pegasus

    Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

    HP character: Hermione

    Maze runner character : Newt or Minho

    Hunger games: Clato or Gale

    Percy Jackson : annabeth

    The Selection: Kile Woodwork

    Marvel : Spiderman or Doctor Strange

    Fave actors: Thomas brodie sangster, Emma Watson, Dylan O'brien, Ki Hong Lee, Logan Lerman, Tom holland

    Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Playing guitar, Listening to music, Art related stuff, Origami, Being on this fandom, and Running

    Fave book: Duh the maze runners

    My Faction: Sorry I'm a Uridite

    I'm also 16 years old. My birthday is May 16

    Fave shifts

    Kale (Katniss and Gale)
    Hermione and Harry
    Ron and Hermione
    Harry and Ginny
    Neville and Luna
    Newt and leela
    Sonya and Minho
    Patch and Ally
    Leo and nickole
    Alora and Aris
    Peter and Aspen
    Ash and Tessa
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