You guys probably heard of the big "Maze Runner vs Hunger Games", right? Most people think that they have much in common: a bunch of kids get thrown into an arena to survive, the main character gets another trial/game, and finally, both main characters have a organisation/government that is using them. Some people brought out that The Maze Runner might be the beginning of the end of the Hunger Games since they have such similar stories...

Anyways, during the opening weekend of The Maze Runner movie, they only made $33 million, which isn't fantastic. The first Hunger Games movie made over $152 million dollars! The Maze Runner was very well rated with a 63% on the "Tomatometer". Plus, more than 71 % of the audience liked it.

Hope you enjoyed the movie too!

- SUCKS-TO-BE-A-CRANK aka Emylee

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