Aka Aleesha

  • I live in Dubai and India, alternated
  • I was born on September 10
  • My occupation is STUDENT
  • I am Female
  • SarcasticNerdPotato

    I've just read the books. And theyre freakin amazing. Except for 1 thing. Maybe two. 

    1.BRENDA thomas treats teresa


    Thomas, the dumb potato, hated or mistrusted Teresa because HE IS DUMBER THAN A TRASH CAN.
    I mean, its plain obvious, that she ‘betrayed’ him, to SAVE his sorry behind from WICKED. And Thomas cant even suffer a little kick and embarrassment to have his own life saved. I GET IT, betrayal sucks, but ONCE you know that there is a genuine reason behind it, ANY SANE PERSON would have forgiven their betrayer. And I hear some people saying that she OVERDID IT. incredulous!!! THAT WAS THE WHOLE POINT. TO MAKE HIM FEEL BETRAYED!! THOMAS, YOU MIGHT WANNA GET A NEW BRAIN.
    As for Brenda, she just comes and ruins it …

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