You have been there, in the Glade, a girl in the all-male group A. It was an accident; someone from WICKED made a mistake. They didn't do much about it, though, because you did the job yourself soon enough.

It was very early, in the first half year of the Glade. You were one of the first Greenbeans who got sent up after the first group. It was Newt who took care of you, friendly at first, caring then. You made each other smile, you gave each other the energy to survive the day.

It was before they had developed the rules.
In fact, you've been the reason for the rules.

In the beginning there were no runners. Everybody who felt brave and curious enough went into the Maze. So did you. You investigated the Maze, most times together, sometimes on your own. You were the one the others learned from what Grievers do.

There's the reason for the boy jumping down from the wall. Newt hated the place, bereft of you. He never ever spoke of you again, because it hurt too much. But he wanted to follow you.

Have you seen the sadness in his kind and friendly eyes? Every limping step reminds him of you.

But how can this be true? You are alive, here and now, and it's 2018.

Little do you know that stories are more than just a product of someone's imagination. Stories are worlds. Stories happen, somewhere. Some of them happen on the other side of this universe.

Little do you know about afterlife. Each world is the heaven for another. For a world of war, destruction and Flare, heaven is a place where each child can grow up in their own family, can go to school, meet friends and not be killed.

Maybe you don't remember that you've been part of that world. Your memories of your family have been wiped out by WICKED, and the month you spent in the Glade... When you are happy and sad at the same time without knowing why, that's when your soul remembers that time.

Now, you have passed that world, and you were reborn to this one. Newt followed you on that mysterious trail of death and rebirth. Will you not try to find him? He might not look like you remember him, but his beautiful soul will shine out to you. Find him, so you can finally be together in peace and love.

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