231.03.18 | 3:26

“What the shuck do we do with her?”, the dark one said.

Nick had introduced him as his second-in-command. But Kat couldn't remember his name.

Nick shrugged and turned away, beckoning the other one to follow. “Call a gathering. Let the Keepers decide.”

“No”, a third voice intervened. Newt's voice. “They'd judge by the rules. And you know what that means.”

“Yeah”, said Nick, “so what? And why do you suddenly defend her? Apart from running into the Maze she has attacked you! Broke two rules in one go. How can there be two opinions in this case?”

“It would not be fair”, Newt answered with a remarkably calm voice. Calm, but intense. “Look, she's in here less than a lovin' day. She's not even aware of the dangers that lurk out there. She's bloody curious, that's all.”

“Furious, that's what she is.” This voice she did not recognize, so it must be the dark-skinned one.

“Maybe. But she must have a chance.”

“I wouldn't even listen to that klunk if it wasn't you who uttered it, Newt. What do you suggest, then?”

“Just let's keep her in the Slammer until the doors close. I'll try again later.”

“And if she goes George on you again?”

“Ey, Alby, watch your mouth!” That was Nick again.

“Sorry, mate…”

The voices faded away.

Kat perceived some rustling noise that soon became more distant. They were gone.

She crouched on the floor in a corner, pulled her knees up and covered her ears with her hands. Tears streamed over her cheeks, her shoulders shook, but no sound could be heard other than irregular heavy breathing that indicated suppressed sobs.

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