231..03.29 | 9:23 p.m.

Kat needed a few breaths to calm down. “Alright. The doors open in the morning and close every night. Why?”

His eyes widened in surprise, just for a second. Then he frowned. “I don't know. For our safety, I suppose.”

“Safety from what? Those Griever creatures Nick showed me yesterday morning?”

She barely waited for him to nod and went on: “Interesting, isn't it? Someone wealthy and powerful builds the Maze and the Glade, puts some terribly dangerous creatures into the Maze and leaves doors open during daytime, so we can go and explore the Maze, but closes the doors for the night, so we are safe. Tells us something about those people. Seems they want us to sleep well. They don't want to kill us in our sleep.

She picked up her apple from the floor, wiped it clean and took a bite, frowning in deep thought. “You said these Beetle Blades are spies. Mobile cameras, I take it?”

“Something like that, probably sensors too. That's how the creators supervise us.”

“The creators. You mean those who built all this.”

He nodded.

“Okaay… So we are to live in the Glade, and it is a reasonably good living here. But we are supposed to go into the Maze, to explore it, maybe find a way out or just reacting to the things we find out there. Why is it forbidden to enter the Maze?”

Newt looked at her as if she had grown antlers. “Because it's dangerous?”

Kat rolled her eyes. “Oh. Yeah. And could you please be a little more specific?”

“You don't want to know the details, believe me.”

I do so want to know the details, believe you me! That's why I ask.”

He squinted at her. Yes, she probably could deal with it. Right now he was convinced she could deal with everything. “The Grievers.”

“I thought they came out at night. Therefore the closing of the doors.”

They always come out at night. Doesn't mean they are never seen by daylight. Meeting a Griever is… deadly at worst. If you are lucky you only get stung. I was more than lucky that I only got my leg nearly cut off. They have some devices and appendixes that give you nightmares.

Kat stared at him, mouth open. It took more than a minute until she found her words. “That's what happened to your leg. Oh my God, that's horrible. But how could you get back to the Glade, injured like that?”

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