The Tune

231.3.29 | 10:58 p.m.

Newt left her after a couple of hours of heated discussions, surprising agreements and minutes of awkward silence.

He left her reluctantly, though couldn't have put his finger on what attracted him to this pixie-girl. She was an angry, snappish, sarcastic, furious smart little hot-head. But he had a feeling that behind all this… He stopped.

And strained his ears.

A tune floated by, soft and a bit sad, the notes somehow familiar.

The girl hummed a melody that reminded him… of feelings. The memories connected to that melody were gone, beyond his reach. But it felt… like home. Like being safe and loved at the end of the day. Maybe his mum had sung this song to him when she tucked him in for the night. He'd never know.

Newt stood stock still as the girl hummed the haunting melody to herself, her voice hoarse and croaky. Presumably she believed that no one was around to hear her. He stood and listened, unaware of the silent tears that trickled down his cheeks.

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