231.04.09 | 8:17 p.m

To everybody's surprise Gally and Kat got along astonishingly well after their first fights. She accepted his leadership while he acknowledged her prowess.

This did not mean nice and peaceful, though. But the Gladers got used to a blazing row every now and then, the two hot-heads of the Glade yelling at each other, hissing and snarling like fighting tigers. But underneath a deep friendship grew, almost unnoticed. It rooted in mutual respect, familiarisation and trust.

Kat found that – dislike or not – Gally would never let anyone of his squad come to harm. He had an eye on everyone.

And Gally noticed that Kat did the same. She wasn't someone to be ordered around. A heated fight followed every time he tried that. But she was an actual partner when talked to at eye level.

Every day Newt ran through the Maze alongside his friend, Minho, searching for a way to escape. Every evening he returned, exhausted and tired, covered with sweat and dirt. And every evening he kept looking out for Kat. He had grown accustomed to caring for the girl. But there was no longer a need for this. She had found her group. Newt watched her talking and laughing with the other Builders. He tried to remember what he had done with his rare free time before Kat had turned up in the Box. He tried to return to his discussions with Nick and Alby about the matters of the Glade, or to joking around with Minho. But now all this felt… empty. Like a waste of time.

He shook himself, squared his shoulders and went over to the group of Builders. It was not forbidden to talk to someone, now was it?

“Hi everybody.”

The other boys mumbled greetings back. Gally eyed him up and down suspiciously.

“Kat, can I… would you come? I'd like to talk to you.” Newt could have slapped himself for this idiotic stammer. He really only wanted to talk with her, no need to behave like a… whatever!

But he had not much time to be angry about himself. Someone else would do the job much better, anyway: Gally had stood up and planted himself before him. “Clear off, Newt! She's a Builder now.”

Newt opened his mouth, raising his hands in a de-escalating manner. But before he could say a word in response, Kat sprang to her feet. “Slim it, Gally. He has requested to talk with me, all nice and polite. No need to eat him alive.” She went over to Newt. “See you later”, she shouted over her shoulder, addressing Gally.

This did not go well. Newt was certain now that it had been a bloody bad idea to come over here. But since she finally was at his side now, he jerked his head in the direction of the Deadheads, and she fell in pace with him.

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