Down the Drain

231.04.09 | 8:33 p.m

“So you're with Gally now.” That was all Newt said, flatly.

This was clearly not what she had expected. “You got a problem with that?”, she snapped, a bit on the snide side.

His whole face shut down. “No”, he retorted, acid in his voice.

She felt terrible. “Fine. If you have nothing else to tell me…” She turned around.

He made no attempt to hold her back as she stomped off.

He felt terrible. This was not what he had wanted to say to her. In the distance he could hear Gally's voice. “Hey, everything okay?”

Other voices barged in, but Gally drowned them all out easily. “Did he do something to you?”


He'd never done anything to anyone, and certainly not to Kat.

But then he heard her. “SHUT UP, EVERYBODY!”, she yelled. Then she barked, only a little softer: “Leave me alone!”, and headed to her sleeping place in the forest, near the Deadheads.

Approaching steps announced that Gally lost no time to resolve the matter here and now.

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