Tree Time

231.04.11 | 8:48 p.m.

The fight with Kat bothered Newt far more than was acceptable for a Runner who had to focus on the Maze. Since a few days he was allowed to run the Maze on his own again. Minho needed him, and he was glad to find to his old form so soon, but … well, why deny it? The girl meant something to him. Meant a lot to him, in fact. He would see her this evening and make amends. Though she'd had her part in that fight, too. But she was well known for her short temper, while he usually was the well balanced one. He sighed and concentrated on the pattern of passages and corridors.

When he returned to the Glade, Kat was nowhere to be seen. He asked some boys, but no one knew where she was. Not even Frypan had a clue. And that worried him. “She's skipped supper. And now you ask, I've not seen her for breakfast neither. She had lunch, though, with the other Builders.”

Newt thanked him with a short nod and directed his feet to the Deadheads. He had a certain feeling that he knew where she'd be.

Dry twigs broke under his feet as he made his way through the already dark wood while the rest of the Glade still benefited from the fade light of dusk.

The tree had changed a bit since he had last found her on it. A sad smile flashed over his face. She had been so depressed on her first evening, maybe even suicidal. But he had talked her into accompanying him to the bonfire.

Now a hammock was hanging between the branches, about ten feet above the ground. Some planks made a crude platform. And the undergrowth was almost gone.

Newt climbed the tree, and found her sitting on her platform, leaning against the trunk.

He was not surprised to find her crying. He took seat, too, and quietly addressed her. “Hey.”

Kat pulled her feet close to her, hugged her knees and hid her tear-stained face in her arms. No sob was to be heard, but her shoulders shook slightly, indicating her bitter crying.

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