Still not happy

231.04.19 | 7:48 a.m.

“You shouldn't be humping such heavy stuff!”

Kat hauled the timber another couple of feet, then dropped it with a groan and faced Newt. “Shouldn't I? What else shall I do then? Knit sweaters?”

“Ha ha. There's lots of less heavy work in the Glade. Cook for example. Or...”


He rolled his eyes. “Kat, we've been through this! Why do...”

But he was cut off again. “No, we've not been through this! Because you don't listen to me! You just repeat the same mantra again and again!” She roared in frustration. “I don't need to be occupied. I need to test my theories.”

“But you...” His jaw dropped. “Your what? What was that?”

“I have several theories about the Maze. But you won't listen. How long will you go on and on and nothing changes? You Runners, do you even expect to find something when you go into the Maze? You say you've tried everything, but don't you feel that's a bit arrogant when you've not even heard the Greenie's ideas?”

But now he had enough, too. “You call me arrogant? And what about you? Is that less arrogant, to assume we just run into the Maze, have a swift look-around and return to the Glade? What would you know?”

“I know jack, as you don't get tired to tell me. Cause that's all you bloody tell me, that I don't know jack! And as soon as I try to gather some information, bam, slammer for me. Do you think that's fair? And don't you say a buggin' word about order and rules. I want to contribute, and I can't because you won't let me.”

These last words came out bitter as gall. She sniffed. “Now let me get on with my work. The harder I work, the less I think; that's how it's supposed to go, isn't it?”

He stared at her. “Wait! But… wait! What about these theories?”

“What about them? You say you've tried everything, so why would you ask?”

“But I ask you now. Just tell me. If they are really new I will test them for you, good that?”

“Newt, I got some work to do. Don't you have a job? Runner? Should you not be out there right now? Now let me get on with mine. These beams don't walk by themselves.”

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