231.05.01 | 8:02 p.m.

Kat waited for Newt. Every evening.

She worked with the Builders, kept to herself the rest of the time and lived when Newt was there.

And he was with her. Every evening.

Not so today.

After mapping the maze he had left the Map Room and headed for the bathroom to have a shower. No one had seen him since.

But no one paid much attention anyway, because Gally had called a Gathering.

After a short but heated debate Kat was called to the homestead. Puzzled she stood in front of the semicircle of Keepers. Nick said something, but his words made no sense. Gally looked at her sideways, wary and somewhat expectantly.

Everyone seemed to expect something from her.

She stared back, hoping for someone to give her a clue what was going on here.

Finally Minho spoke up: “You got a recommendation. If you still wanna be a Runner, you can start your training tomorrow.”

Her jaw dropped, as she gaped at him. She closed her mouth and swallowed. And nodded. “Yes.”

Then she realized something, and she turned to face Gally. Who slightly blushed but held the eye contact.

He… He has recommended me. He knows how much I want to be a Runner. He… It is a present. He gave me what I wanted most.

Suddenly her legs felt weak, and her head felt as if it was spinning. Only through the blood rushing in her ears she heard the words of the contract. She made her vow to obey and defend the rules of the Glade. Like in a dream she followed Minho to the Map Room and listened to his explanations.

She blinked. Shook her head and blinked again. This was what she had wanted all along. Now she paid attention.

So the Maze was a square of nine sections. The one right in the centre was the Glade. The eight surrounding sections, each one as enormous as the Glade itself, changed their ways every day. She would make her first steps into the Maze with Minho, then team with Newt, before she would finally be allowed to run by herself.

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