Wicked Discussion

231.03.18 | 12:57 p.m.

What about our elites? What about Thomas?” Dr. Paige shifted her notes while she asked this question.

Subject A2? Well, what about him?”

He spends all his free time in the observation room, watching his friends in the Maze. He is suspicious and rebellious enough as it is. We could save ourselves a lot of trouble if he did not see her in Maze A.”

So…?” Chancellor Anderson knew Ava Paige well enough to expect a solution.

We should see to it that he has less free time until Subject B 48 is removed from this Maze. For the hours he still spends observing his friends we can cut films from the morning material, maybe older material, too. He is smart, so be sure to do a meticulous job.”

Ramirez returned to the command room and went over to Chancellor Anderson and Dr. Paige to whisper to both of them.

Dr. Paige whispered a question back and Ramirez nodded.

Chancellor Anderson cleared his throat and addressed the assembled staff. “I am sorry to say that the virus has found it's way into our ranks. Both Sutherland and Rutter are tested positive. It is now our first duty to ensure the health of our staff. Every single one of us must get tested every day, effective this instant. I don't have to tell you to keep it top secret. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Assembly dismissed.”

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