More Questions, less Answers

231.03.18 | 12:19 p.m.

Newt eyed her sceptically. But he settled for: “Good that. I can give you a bedroll and hammock, whatever you need.”

“Right now I need to see this Maze. Why are we inside a Maze anyway? Who puts scores of teenagers into a Maze for more than a year?”

“Whoa, slim it, girl. Lots of questions for a first day, don't ya think? And try to get this freakin' Maze out of your head for now. Let's find you a place to sleep, that's a start. And if you still feel curious about this place, just walk around the lovin' Glade to get a feel for it.”

“The Glade, the Glade… You are always going on about the Glade. Are you telling me you are sitting in your stupid Glade for almost one and a half year? Like 'Thank you, almighty people, for putting us into a mostly grey concrete new back-yard home'?” Sarcasm was dripping from her words.

Newt turned red. No wonder she had been beaten up so bad, if she was like this all the time. Not everyone was as patient as he was.

“No, Greenie, we are not sitting in the Glade. Sitting around is not what we do. And this is nothing a Greenbean who is around for less than half a day should worry about. You have no right to judge us who've had to build up a place to live in and a community that works together.”

“But...” Kat began, but was cut off.

“Better not say another word.” Newt was hard to anger, but now he almost wanted to shake this girl.

Kat glared at him defiantly. Was that all they had to talk about? Their beloved Glade, the chores they had to do, a place to sleep? Was she the only one eager to find out about this Maze? Eager to find out at all? But inside she was worried. This boy, Newt, who dropped casual swearwords in every bloody sentence was the only one who had shown her something like care and kindness. She felt that she had gone too far. Should she apologize? No. She would not say sorry for asking the most obvious questions. Was it her fault that no one wanted to answer them?

Angrily she pressed her lips together and stomped away.

Kat!” Newt called after her. She could also hear him cussing. “Ach, go to the shuck Grievers, that's were you belong! Girls! Nothing but trouble, that's what you bloody got with girls.”

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