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Wes Ball is an American visual effects artist, graphic artist and director. He is best known for directing the Maze Runner films.


He graduated from the FSU (Florida State University) College of Motion Picture Arts with a BFA in 2002. For his thesis, he created a 7-minute short film called A Work in Progress which won a Bronze Medal from the Student Academy Awards in 2003 for animation, although it contains both computer animation and live-action. The animation illustrates the story, while the live-action shows the girl who is telling the story.

Past and Current Works

Wes Ball is also known for his animated, 8-minute short film, Ruin, set in a post-apocalyptic universe, released in 2012. 20th Century Fox made an offer to acquire the rights and turn the animation into a live-action, full-length, feature film with McG set to produce the big screen adaptation in 2012. There is no news regarding turning Ruin into a live-action film yet. Ball is also set to direct a film adaptation of Fall of Gods, a crowdfunded illustrated novel from Denmark-based Mood Studios.