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"I'd rather get a sunburn than get my head attacked by some ball of steel. Let's go!"
— Winston, The Scorch Trials

Winston was the Keeper of the Slicers in the Glade. It was speculated that he was named after either Robert Winston, a British scientist, or Winston Churchill.


The Maze Runner[]

In The Maze Runner, Winston was introduced as the Keeper of the Slicers. When a Gathering was called to discuss Thomas' actions and the consequences of going into the Maze overnight, Winston stated that he thought what Thomas did was brave, but he should be punished for what he did or it would set a bad example for others. He followed Thomas to escape the Maze and survived.

The Scorch Trials[]

In The Scorch Trials, Winston was first made notable in the events following the entrance into the Flat Trans, where he and another Glader, Frankie, were attacked by a strange liquefied metal that came out and solidified on contact with a human head. Thomas managed to stop the metal from encasing Winston; however, Winston was left with most of his hair ripped out and raw wounds covering his head. Winston, along with Jack, Stan, Tim, and 4 unnamed Gladers, later went missing in the lightning storm. Although it was never confirmed what happened to him, he was most likely struck by a lightning bolt or entered a different building from the rest of the Gladers, where he was potentially killed by Cranks.


The Maze Runner[]

In the The Maze Runner, Winston was present when Thomas arrived in the Glade. When Thomas started to run, but tripped and fell, Winston, along with the other Gladers, laughed at this.

When Gally stopped Thomas from walking into the Maze, Winston joined Gally and the other Gladers in stopping Thomas from walking into the Maze.

At night, at the bonfire, Winston was introduced to Thomas by Newt, who said that he was the Keeper of the Slicers. Winston watched Thomas and Gally wrestle before the latter knocks the former down, causing Thomas to remember his name.

The next day, Ben attacked Thomas after being stung by a Griever. Winston, along with many other Gladers, managed to restrain Ben, saw the Griever sting on his stomach, and took him to the Pit.

At some point, Winston and the other keepers decided whether to banish Ben from the Glade. Later, Ben was banished from the Glade. Winston took part of the banishment of Ben.

At night, Winston watched on as Gally crossed out Ben's name on the Wall.

The next day, Winston, along with the other Gladers, watched on as Thomas ran into the Maze to help Minho and Alby, who have gone into the Maze to retrace Ben's steps, when Alby got stung by a Griever.

The next day, Winston was present when Thomas, Minho, and Alby returned to the Glade.

In the Council Hall, during the Gathering, Winston was present when Gally suggested that Thomas should be punished for going into the Maze to help Minho and Alby.

Winston was also present when Teresa arrived in the Glade.

Later, Winston went with Thomas, Minho, Frypan, and Zart into the Maze to investigate a recently discovered dead Griever.

Later, Teresa, who had woken up and fled to the tower, threw rocks at Winston and the Gladers, but Thomas stopped her. As Thomas went up to talk to Teresa, Winston, along with the other Gladers, left .

The next day, when Thomas and Minho returned to the Glade, Winston watched Thomas and Gally argued with each other, just as Teresa called out to them and the Gladers and told them that Alby was awake.

At night, during the Griever Attack on the Glade, Winston, along with Thomas, Teresa, Newt, Minho, Frypan, Alby, Chuck, Jeff, and Clint, hid in the Council Hall. Winston watched Alby and Clint get killed by Grievers.

After the attack, Gally punched Thomas in the face far more rage, violence, and aggressiveness than before, causing Winston, along with Newt, Minho, Frypan, and Jeff, to restrain him. As Winston, Newt, Minho, Frypan, and Jeff tried to restrain Gally, Thomas took a Griever stinger from Chuck and used it to stab himself in the thigh to regain his memories. Winston, along with Teresa, Newt, Minho, Frypan, Chuck, and Jeff, tend to Thomas.

The next day, Winston, along with Teresa, Newt, Minho, Frypan, Chuck, and Jeff, were told by Thomas that he and Teresa worked for WCKD and created the Maze.

Gally, having taken command, had Teresa tied to a pole and attempted to have Thomas tied to another pole. Winston watched on as Thomas fought off Alec and a Glader, Teresa kicked Dan in the groin, allowing Frypan to cut her free, and Newt knocked down a Glader. Winston escaped with his group of Gladers while Gally stayed with his own group of Gladers in the Glade.

Winston helped his group of Gladers fight off the Grievers, but Jeff died saving Minho from a Griever. Winston, along with his group of Gladers, entered the WCKD lab and watched a video left by Ava Paige, who shoots herself at the end of the video after all the doctors were shot and killed by soldiers.

Winston, along with his group of Gladers, were about to leave when Gally, having been stung by a Griever, appeared with a gun and insisted that they will never be free. Gally fired a bullet at Thomas, but Chuck sacrificed himself by taking the bullet in the chest, giving Minho a chance to throw a spear at Gally, causing it to non-fatally impale him in the chest, causing Gally to drop to his knees, drop the gun, and collapse on his right side on the floor. Winston watched Chuck die in Thomas' arms before being taken along with his group of Gladers to a helicopter by a group of masked soldiers.

The Scorch Trials[]

In The Scorch Trials, Winston was one of the few Gladers to escape the WCKD Facility. After arriving at an abandoned building, Minho managed to turn on the power, alerting the Cranks which lurked there. As the Gladers ran away from the Cranks, they came across a door where Winston offered to hold off the Cranks with a gun. During the process, however, he got scratched across the abdomen by a Crank, which later became infected and began to spread through his body. Seeing his inevitable fate to become a Crank, Winston pleased with the Gladers to let him kill himself so he wouldn't become a monstrous Crank. Newt then placed the gun on Winston's hands and Winston thanked him in return. As the Gladers continued on with their journey, a sound of a gunshot rang out, signaling Winston's suicide.

The Death Cure[]

Although Winston obviously didn't make an appearance in the The Death Cure, three figures resembling him, Alby, and Chuck were present in Minho's dream of the Glade. Near the end, Winston's name was seen engraved on the Memorial Rock by Frypan along with the names of the victims during the war against WCKD.

Physical Appearance & Personality[]

In the Books, Winston's only mentioned physical characteristics are that he was short and muscular, with bad acne. After the incident with the Metal Ball in The Scorch Trials, he loses his hair, receives burns and scabs to most of his face, and is almost unrecognizable. He is also very stubborn.

In the Film Adaptions, Winston is depicted as a dark-haired boy who has warm brown skin, dark eyes, and no acne.

Powers & Abilities[]

Winston Firearm

Winston firing at a few Cranks

  • Gunmanship: As shown in the Scorch Trials Film, Winston was capable of handling a small fire arm to defend against enemies. When being chased by a swarm of Cranks, he was able to hold them back long enough to buy his allies time to break the door to escape.
  • Disease Immunity: Only in the books, Winston was shown to be Immune to the Flare along with most of the Gladers.